Getting Started

Thunder Engine is a versatile open-source game engine designed for the seamless development of both 2D and 3D games. Offering a comprehensive suite of frameworks and tools, Thunder Engine empowers developers to concentrate on the creative aspects of game design, while the engine takes care of routine tasks.

The core philosophy behind Thunder Engine is to establish a modular architecture, providing developers with the flexibility to selectively include or exclude modules based on their project requirements. This modular approach ensures that projects remain lightweight, tailored to the specific needs of each development endeavor.

Developers can leverage the Thunder Engine API to not only incorporate existing modules but also to create and integrate their own custom modules, enhancing the engine’s adaptability to unique game design concepts. Furthermore, Thunder Engine’s API facilitates the development of editor modules, empowering developers to streamline and enhance their workflow during the game creation process.

In essence, Thunder Engine not only simplifies game development through its wide array of features but also offers a modular and extensible architecture, enabling developers to craft tailored solutions for their gaming projects.