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This class is a part of Object-Introspection-Mechanism. MetaProperty provides information about one particular class property. Developers are able to retrieve information about property type, read and write values.

To make properties visible in introspection mechanism, developers must declare those under A_PROPERTIES() macro.

Public Methods

MetaProperty (const MetaProperty::Table * table)


isValid () const

const char

name () const

const MetaProperty::Table *

table () const

const MetaType

type () const

Public Enums

enum MetaProperty::ReadMem

Callback which contain address to getter method of property.

enum MetaProperty::WriteMem

Callback which contain address to setter method of property.

Static Methods


Methods Description

MetaProperty::MetaProperty (MetaProperty::Table * table)

Constructs MetaProperty object which will contain information provided in a table.

bool MetaProperty::isValid () const

Returns true if property is valid; otherwise returns false.

const char MetaProperty::name () const

Returns a name of method.

const :ref:`MetaProperty::Table<api_MetaProperty::Table>`* MetaProperty::table () const

Returns property information table.

const MetaType MetaProperty::type () const

Returns a type of property.