Inherited: NativeBehaviour


Note: A PlayerInput controller simplifies the management of the player control scheme. It can be used to get the current state of actions from the assigned ControlScheme.

Public Methods


axis (const std::string & name)


button (const std::string & name)

ControlScheme *

controlScheme () const


setControlScheme (ControlScheme * scheme)

Static Methods


Methods Description

float PlayerInput::axis (std::string & name)

Returns the value of the virtual axis identified by name. The value will be in the range -1…1 for keyboard and joystick input devices.

bool PlayerInput::button (std::string & name)

Returns true in case of virtual button identified by name is pressed; otherwise returns false.

:ref:`ControlScheme<api_ControlScheme>`* PlayerInput::controlScheme () const

Returns the current assigned control scheme.

See also setControlScheme().

void PlayerInput::setControlScheme (ControlScheme * scheme)

Assigns a new control scheme. All previous bindings and key states will be cleaned.

See also controlScheme().